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NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

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250.67-8.36 (-3.23%)
At close: 04:00PM EST
249.97 -0.70 (-0.28%)
After hours: 07:11PM EST
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    For the NVDA bashers, you do realize that this stock sell off isn't directly related to NVDA technicals and more so because the entire market is down lol Relax.

    Staying long
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    The issue is not NVDA this is the whole market, it's a reflection of where the economy as a whole might be headed in the foreseeable future and how much that will affect the bottom line of most companies. I not worried a bit about Nvda. I will add more as it keeps dipping. We can't deny that inflation has hit extremely high, most of us never seen in our lives. Relax and watch the show. Always buy little by little and always know you never ever buy the bottom so buy 15% at a time
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    j L
    With NVDA reporting earnings at between Feb. 22-28 we will see a nice recovery of NVDA share price. The chip industry overall will have excellent earnings numbers for last QTR.
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    Nvdia is best in class. Pay no mind to the worthless souls spreading fud claiming we hit $200. No one knows where the price will consolidate. What we do know is Nvdia is best in class and their current business model prints cash flow. By the end of 2022 Nvdia will be a $400 stock.
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    Gary A
    The economic innovations which drive this economy are derived from the technology sector to include the efforts of the semiconductor and semi fab companies. The future won't be defined by a new favor of potato chip from Pepsi's Frito Lay division or a new athletic sneaker from Nike. The future is and will be defined by the efficiencies created from software and hardware. Recently a popular mantra is to claim so-called value stocks are the place to be, except value is value for a reason it very low growth rate companies, some with marginal balance sheets and questionable outlooks. Most value stocks are perpetual value stocks for a reason. Look to buy the stocks of the solid semiconductor companies like $AMD and NVDA during market weakness.
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    over the last 30 year the Fed has had multiple tightening phases. Now all you bears out there... what has the s&p net returned over the 30 years? buy good companies when they go on sale and bet with the U.S. Economy over the long haul. so many short time traders thinking they know anything..... sheesh

    nvda is the engine for tech the next 20 years++
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    Don’t be afraid buy more. This is 45 years of investing talking. And if you want the total semiconductors focus buy a great mutual fund such as FSELX which has Nvidia as a top most holding
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    Did anyone listen 🎧 ? Anyone ?
    Since 2008, the fed has injected trillions and trillions into the stock, bond and real estate markets and has forced interest rates to zero causing all financial assets to soar 25% or more for **12** years. Now with markets in the ionosphere the FED has announced the END of STIMULUS and the START of RATE HIKES..
    DOES anyone actually BELIEVE that STOCKS are GOING to CONTINUE their PARABOLIC rise NOW ?
    YET do to 12 Years of CONDITIONING and BRAINWASHING by the likes of FIDELITY, VANGUARD etc EVERYONE has been CONVINCED to “Stay the COURSE” and “Never time the market” etc etc even though YOU KNOW deep down that you should GET OUT that is Move all 401k STOCK MUTUAL FUNDS to MONEY MARKET ASAP as UPSIDE is NIL and DOWNSIDE IS HUGE when LIQUIDITY is being removed from the markets after 12 years of INJECTIONS.
    Do you actually HONESTLY disagree with what I am saying ? YET most or all of you WIll not ACT and will lose the majority of your fabulous gains in denial and then say “What was I thinking ?”
    While many nazdaq stocks like 35% have fallen 40% or more the FAANG stocks plus MSFT which are responsible for most of the S&P index have fallen far less and almost all 401k’s are loaded with these the GOOD NEWS is that this means if you move to MONEY MARKETS before they have a big correction, you will have preserved the majority of your once in a lifetime gains. if you are smart enough to this, you will be so ahead of those that stayed the course imo.. GLTU
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    Long term game you’ll be fine. But get ready to see your money go down a lot in the short term.
  • r
    All this selling is from people who can’t stomach it…. The sell off going on right now is not from people buying put options, it is from people selling there shares of stock… I have posted before, if you can’t handle corrections like this,then you have no business trading.
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    INTC staggering -7.04% gain in 1 year is giving investors like @Eric more hope
  • K
    Don't worry guys, INTC is the #1 leader for the past 30 years according to @Eric, so that means the stock is doing great?...Oh wait.
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    Don’t expect nvda to trade below 50x at a high grower! Anything below that level is a Bargin. Most growth stocks trade at 35-50x
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    Just to know how the options rig works. Cramer and nearly all of other analysts were pumping NVDA at 350. Now at 250 articles saying today "still overvalued"
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    RSI hovering at around 35, 5 points lower than 40 which is essentially the oversold signal. Looking back at the chart, it's also the lowest since February 2021.
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    My target price $200 by end of January is still valid
  • .
    BREAKING NEWS: We are projecting IV Kalpesh set to close with MIND BOGGLING LOSSES of -390/shr. We reached out to IVK for comments and he had this to say:
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    Meta Platforms, Inc.
    It needs momentum once it picks up this will go 2-5X easy. $NVDA $WIMI
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    Time  to lock in profits
    Did you see the way they PUMP and DUMP this market now ?
    They run up futures then sell hard then they run it back green to get you back in then they sold had into the close ! There is a real sense of URGENCY for them to sell while you still have money 💰 to buy. I read that 12 BILLIONS of RETAIL MONEY BOUGHT THE DIP LAST WEEK AND EVERY SINGLE ONE who BOUGHT is UNDER WATER 💦 The big institutions run this casino 🎰 and clearly they are happy to LIQUIDATE AT THESE LEVELS as you saw for many days especially today ! Are you learning anything yet about how the 12 year old bull market is OVER and the BEAR 🐻 is here to take all your money 💰. Used to be up 3 days down one which you bought... NOW its 2 or 3 days down and one up to keep YOU in the game !
    The fed has told ypu repeatedly that it is removing LIQUIDITY from this market. WHAT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THIS ?
    You always said to me “Dont fight the fed” but this is exactly what you are doing staying in STOCK MUTUAL FUNDS ! Move ALL STOCK MUTUAL FUNDS to MONEY MARKETS asap as this bear 🐻 market is just starting. Wait for CAPITULATION WHEN DOW IS AT LEAST UNDER 30,000 then slowly buy back in 10% at a time every time it drops 2000 points. Or do similar math on S&P which has NOT CORRECTED and is going to fall big taking your retirement with you.. 25 to 40% gains for 12 years requires a minimum of 30% to 40% drop to return to fair value..