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  • w
    Could not help myself just added to my short position at Nas 14310 at 10am , my average price now is Nas 14173, >>could not post when I made the trade, the site was down<<.
  • C
    Having to work is a barbaric practice, and being expected to do so for the majority of ones life is equivalent to slavery. Modern technology and policies are failing when people still have to do work. Let the machines and robots do the work. We should all be relaxing and doing what we wish with our limited time on this earth.
  • t
    Today CDC calculated myocarditis in adolescents by computing all ages vaccinated, instead of young males vaccinated.

    “Listen to the science” said Fauci.
  • B
    C19 threatened deflation so Powell slammed his foot on the inflation pedal: money dilution, free borrowing, raining cash.
    This balanced out for a while.

    As deflation pressure reduces, the Fed will have to take his foot off the pedal. This will burst the stock market price and margin debt bubbles.
  • r
    Blackstone's Real Estate Income Trust to acquire Home Partners of America

    this is another direct transfer of $ from the Fed to Wall Street, as the fed continues to buy MBS
  • D
    If you Believe a word the Fed. Says……haven’t been paying attention. They have No Way Out…..NONE.
  • T
    Trader Nick 44
    Trade the market that you have. It goes higher IMHO. I think this may be a set up for a typical Aug, Sept and Oct sell off. The markets have continued upward in the face of countless obstacles. With that in mind, I think many traders have been conditioned to buy, regardless of news or outlook or earnings or politics etc. etc. I think we return to norms this fall. JMHO.
  • M
    Eventually the FED is going to own all the liquidity and the banks will own all the collateral... plus other financial institutions are jumping on board now with the reserve repo rate increase.... the FED is just getting more and more power
  • D
    “U.S. futures rise ,signal market bounce back.”…..MW………Bahahahaahaaaa,
    No, ….it signals more insider and gov. Manipulation……a desperate attempt to keep the bubble inflated….that’ all.
  • s
    I couldn’t be happier with the daily emails I get from (http://Fairstox.com). They give me the best daily advice based on stock market news and help me make wiser decisions when it comes to investing. An absolute must for any investor!
  • r
    Simon Properties increases quarterly common stock dividend to $1.40/share from $1.30/share

    I guess jay-bob has 'em covered
  • Y
    Am I the only one that thinks that the order flow of this etf is heavily manipulated. I track the SPX while trading this, and the change in SPY delays for a minute at least.
  • H
    Another low volume day where the markets drift higher. 57M Vs 73M average.

    Where is the participation?
  • C
    This healthy economic growth surge is a result of pent up demand that formed during pandemic restrictions
  • w
    Just added to my current shorts at Nas 14260 , no drinks continue, except for me
  • M
    SnP500's P/E Ratio is at 45.0, a bit higher than where it was when the tech bubble burst in 2000 and the Wilshire 5000 Market-cap to GDP Ratio is at 200%, which makes it around 33% greater than where it was when the tech bubble burst in 2000.

    Sht ain't right. ...just sayin'.
  • D
    From WSJ:
    "JPMorgan has contributed additional venture capital funding to Maxex, a growing digital exchange for residential mortgages."
  • n
    one of my sources has advised me that index shorts might get a reprieve, tomorrow.

    i've been told that the word on the street is that big money movers and shakers have decided that tomorrow will be a down day for all of the major equity indexes.

    enjoy the down day, you whining shorts, because there aren't very many down days planned for the near future.
  • b
    Support/buy signals everywhere I look. Bull traps?
  • M
    I'm more and more convinced the bust happens long before any taper announcement or firm indication of increased interest rates. I also don't think there will be any notable catalyst. I think there will be a straw that breaks the camel's back, likely something mundane, and a trickle of selling will turn into a torrent. This is going to be wild to watch. Q3 my best guess. Volatility took a dive today but not as much as I expected given the green across the board. The VIX was up in after hours. I think Powell is about to lose control over the markets.