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    $NIO conversation
    At this stage, the major competitor of NIO's flagship SUV ES8 is
    's Model X. However, there are several reasons to believe that the ES8 is a more attractive car in comparison to the Model X, and as a result, NIO has all the opportunities to outsell its competitor in China in the long run. First of all, the ES8 has more legroom and headroom than the Model X, it also has a luxurious interior, and it comes with three different battery packages that could last from 415 kilometers to 580 kilometers on a single charge.

    All of the ES8 SUVs include a proprietary operating system, have advanced navigation software, and most importantly cost ~$70,000 per vehicle in China, which is below the cost of Tesla's Model X, which comes at a price tag of ~$110,000 per vehicle in the region. I believe that this pricing advantage will undoubtedly help NIO to outsell Tesla in the SUV segment, especially since its cars now could be purchased at a discount thanks to the new Chinese subsidy program.
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    I guess 1% is the new 10% in this stock.... the glory days are surely over
  • Y
    Elon now claiming the $131K plaid can match the $899 PS5.
  • D
    rumor at Tesla was Roadster 2 (non spacex package) does 1.69 sec 0-60 and top speed of 358mph.
  • j
    Which would you rather drive?

    2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo S
    Range — 192 miles
    0 - 60 — 2.4s
    Horsepower — 616
    Weight — 5,102 lbs
    Price — $185,000+

    2021 Tesla Model S Plaid
    Range — 390 miles
    0 - 60 — 1.99s
    Horsepower — 1,020
    Weight — 4,766 lbs
    Price — $119,990
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    No Short
    Cybertruck coming faster than expected. Once it hits 1 Delivery. Tesla will 3x in stock Price easy.
  • J
    The Model 3 ramp is a good example of some of the strong evidence of long-term accounting fraud in Tesla: Musk claimed (after the fact) that during the Model 3 ramp the company was "single digit weeks" away from bankruptcy -- the strange thing is: Tesla's SEC-filed financial statements never showed this "single digit weeks" from bankruptcy condition. Tesla's outside auditors never required Tesla to give a "going concern" warning; clearly, an auditor would require a "going concern warning" statement if a company was single digit weeks from bankruptcy.
    The company appears to have filed false financial statements with the SEC; the public shareholders were being told one thing, but the reality in the company was very different; things were much worse than what Tesla was telling their auditors and public shareholders.
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    If I order a Model S Plaid today (June 11th), Tesla says I can still expect delivery this month.
    Now that is what I call insatiable demand.
  • R
    Bitcoin is a waste of energy. Even if it is green energy, that just shoves the electrical power demand for other reasons to unclean power production.
  • B
    I’ve had my model 3 2021 for about a week now .. wow honestly the best cars there is out there on the market for it’s price
  • D
    Not looking good for Lordstown. Not enough money for production, and might not last the year. GM owns 7.5 million shares. This after GM's Nikola deal.... Anybody can talk about making EVs, but let's see them make it through production.
  • S
    Teslanaire and share holder since 2013 here. A couple of things I've learned from owning Tesla shares:

    1) You invest for the long-term, 5 years or more. Short term noise don't mean squat.

    2) You blink, you lose. The stock WILL go up & down frequently. You can't blink & panic sell every time the thing goes down.

    3) You bet against Elon and you're going to lose.
  • r
    NIO is on the Rise, Smart Money is going there,I did, and thrilled with the return so far .
  • L
    Name any gas, electric, sedan or sport car that has better performance and AI too/
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    Elon tweets video playing Cyberpunk in Model S Plaid 4 hrs ago, and gets over 764k views, but there's no interest.... You won't be doing that in an EV from the "competition" anytime soon.
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    Are the Tesla transports hauling cars or oil?? Enquiring minds want to know!!
  • j
    we will see 700+ per share again
  • F
    If you scan Tesla's order pages, you'll see that essentially, Tesla is only selling three cars, the high performance (highest priced) versions of Model 3, Y, and S, and has suspended production of all others. All Model Xs are delayed until 2022 (cancelled, imo), any Model S, other than then the $130K variant, are pushed to October. Want a Model 3 of Y? Need to buy Performance, or wait at least until September. This is Tesla's attempt to steer buyers into higher priced/margin vehicles. The cheapest non-white Tesla you can currently order, and have delivered during the next three months, is the Model 3 Performance, for the low, low price of $59,190, with standard options.
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    Have to give some credit to the legacies both foreign and domestic. They’re spending billions trying to bring out a line of competitive BEVs. But they still aren’t matching what Tesla has, is and will accomplish. They fall short on autonomy, battery/motor/power efficiency, innovative manufacturing technology, pricing, range, performance, interior design, safety, style, driver experience, the “wow” factor, simplicity of service, brad recognition and charging opportunities. Some have some of these attributes but non have all of them compared to a Tesla.
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    Honda Tree
    What’s the point of the fast car? 🤣🤣🤣