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logoArgusJuly 27, 2020

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Innovation may be hard to define but, to borrow from former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, you know it when you see it. The United States economy is full of innovation. It has to be. Manufacturing industries that dominated the economy decades ago - textiles, televisions, even automobiles, to a large degree - have moved overseas, where costs are lower. Yet the U.S. economy, prior to the pandemic, had expanded to record levels. And now the U.S. Healthcare industry is mobilizing to improve COVID-19 testing, treatments and, ultimately, a vaccine. If U.S. corporations weren't innovating, creating new products and services and moving into new markets and applications, the domestic economy would not have recently completed a 10-year expansion phase before the coronavirus hit, and capital would not be flooding into the country. A couple of statistics should help illustrate our point. Consider that U.S. GDP was approximately $1 trillion in 1930 but nearly $22 trillion in 2019. That's growth of 22-times. Meanwhile, the U.S. population has grown less than 3-times during that time span, to 320 million from 120 million. The delta between GDP growth and population growth has been driven in large part by innovation. In addition, the value of listed corporations on U.S. stock exchanges at the end of 2018 was approximately $32 trillion, representing 41% of global equity market capitalization, while U.S. GDP represented only 25% of global GDP.

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