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logoArgusSeptember 21, 2022

Edison International: Maintaining BUY

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Edison International is a California utility focused on electricity generation and delivery. EIX is a leader in renewable energy and does not use coal in its fuel mix. It has two subsidiaries: Southern California Edison (SCE), an electric utility serving 5 million customers in Southern California (excluding San Diego and Los Angeles), and Edison Energy, an energy and sustainability advisory company that provides data to commercial and industrial users. SCE accounts for almost 90% of EIX's earnings and, unique to the sector, about 86% of SCE's customers are residential rather than commercial or industrial. The company attempts to limit generation exposure and no more than 20% of electricity sales are typically from owned generation. It is a leader in the use of sustainable fuel, including nuclear, 8%; wind, 15%; solar, 20%; hydro, 5%; and CCGT, 5%. Edison has had litigation issues. It recently settled a range of claims, including: $52 million for discrepancies in the distribution of energy-efficient lightbulbs; $1.16 billion in subrogation claims for a 2017 wildfire; and $2.2 billion in damages from the Wolsey Fire. The company is headquartered in Rosemead, California and is a component of the S&P 500.

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