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Mondelez International, Inc.: Previewing 3Q earnings

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Mondelez International Inc., (pronounced Mon-del-ease), headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Deerfield, Illinois, is one of two successor companies from the October 1, 2012 split-up of Kraft Foods. The company name was created by employees and is hybrid of the Latin word for world (mundus) and a modification of 'delicious.' The other company is now called Kraft Heinz. Mondelez generated $25.9 billion in revenue in calendar 2019, with 39% from Europe; 27% from North America; 22% from Asia, Middle East and Africa; and 12% from Latin America. Biscuits, including Oreos, represent the largest product category at 44% of sales. Chocolate, including Cadbury, represents 32%; Gum & Candy, including Trident, are 13% of revenue; Beverages, including Tang, are 4%; and cheese and groceries are 7%. Looking at the matrix of segments and product categories, North American Biscuits (23%), European Chocolates (20%) and European Biscuits (12%) are the most important contributors to sales. The company regularly uses the term 'Power Brands,' to describe its largest global and regional brands. Under the biscuit banner, these include Oreo cookies, Chips Ahoy, Ritz crackers, and TUC/Club Social (buttery-tasting salty crackers), belvita biscuits (a European-style breakfast biscuit that aims to be a nutritious alternative to cereal). The chocolate power brands include Cadbury Dairy Milk. The company sells products in 160 countries and has operations in approximately 80 countries. The company's financials are on a calendar-year basis.

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