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logoMorningstarApril 29, 2021

Huaneng Power International, Inc.: Huaneng’s Q1 Above Expectation; Full-Year Outlook and FVE Unchanged

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As one of China’s largest independent power producers, Huaneng Power International develops, constructs, and operates power plants in 26 Chinese provinces, as well as a wholly owned power company in Singapore. Total attributable installed generation capacity in 2020 was 98 gigawatts. Approximately 83% of Huaneng's installed capacity runs on thermal coal, with the remainder running on hydro, wind, and natural gas. The Chinese government owns approximately 46% of outstanding shares.

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Analyst Profile

Jennifer Song

Equity Analyst
Jennifer Song is an equity analyst for Morningstar (Shenzhen) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc. She covers industrials and utilities securities listed in Hong Kong and China.Prior to joining Morningstar in 2012, Song was an investment manager at Royal Bank of Canada (Asia) and was responsible for discretionary portfolio investment in global equities. Before joining RBC Asia in 2011, she worked for China BOCOM Insurance as a portfolio manager, investing in Hong Kong equities. Song began her career in 2006 as a research analyst for Marco Polo Pure Asset Management, covering China and Hong Kong securities.Song holds a master's degree in actuarial studies from the University of New South Wales.