Spartan Investment Group on Dominating the Self-Storage Industry

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Today’s business industry has definitely become more accessible for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to establish their names. However, along with the ease with which go-getters can now dip their toes into the commercial space is intense pressure to not only deliver top-notch products and services but also stand out among a plethora of competitors to stay afloat. Despite the increasing saturation and level of competition within the entrepreneurial realm, Spartan Investment Group has managed to distinguish itself from a sea of other real estate-focused establishments. As the premier operator in the self-storage industry, this widely-acclaimed authority succeeded in taking center stage thanks to its expertise and commitment to its mission.

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Spartan Investment Group

With a long list of accomplishments under its belt, Spartan Investment Group was named one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc. 500 and 8th in the real estate industry in 2020. Additionally, it made the Vet 100 List as a top veteran-owned venture in the same year. At the helm of this future powerhouse are two self-starters, Scott Lewis and Ryan Gibson, who met as neighbors in Washington, DC. Scott’s military background and Ryan’s extensive aviation experience seeded the most important fundamentals that stand as pillars of Spartan Investment Group -- conservatism, due diligence, and a checklist-driven approach.

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When it first launched, Spartan Investment group started in the residential sector, quickly moving into commercial development and eventually ending up dominating the self-storage industry. After acquiring storage units and RV Parks and experiencing massive growth in its team and investors, it is expected to reach greater heights in the coming months.

The achievement of many of the milestones that Spartan Investment Group has added to its impressive portfolio can be credited to its team, which is spread out over five states. Known for their dedication, these professionals are guided by the company’s creed, driven by its mission to improve lives through real estate, and focused on finding value and opportunistic deals for its tribe of investors.

Spartan Investment Group has impressed industry peers and clients alike for the quality of its services and the rigorous processes involved in its initiatives from the get-go. “Our operations are institutional in their standards, and our internal intelligence team provides real-time insights into market conditions, giving us constant situational awareness,” adds this company on the rise. Armed with numerous competitive advantages, Spartan Investment Group is bound to secure a spot at the summit of its industry in the coming years. To cement its position even more solidly, it plans to acquire 24 self-storage facilities, as well as build a corporate infrastructure consisting of a team of teams connected by a shared consciousness capable of operating at any point in the real estate cycle. Spartan offers accredited and non-accredited investors the opportunity to participate passively in their projects. Moreover, it aims to monetize $250 million of commercial real estate and put into place an ecosystem that will be able to operate a diverse portfolio of properties consisting of 3 asset classes nationwide. All the while, it hopes to impact the commercial space in ways that no other establishments have done.