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    Elizabeth Warren Slams Wells Fargo, Equifax: Cramer's Top Takeaways

    Warren told Cramer she is appalled by the lack of personal responsibility at Equifax, and said CEOs like Richard Smith should face criminal investigation for his role in the company's allegedly mishandling the sensitive information of up to 143 million Americans. Warren noted that the information lost by Equifax will be out there forever and could come back to bite consumers for decades.

  • These four fund managers’ secret to success: Don’t go with your gut on stocks

    These four fund managers’ secret to success: Don’t go with your gut on stocks

    Are you the type of investor who goes with your gut or follows the herd? Or do you deliberate, considering a company from all angles — even trying to find the flaws in your own thinking? Taking the extra time can help you improve the performance of your investments. This recent article by Charlie Bilello provides plenty of food for thought, using two-year stock charts for McDonald’s Corp. MCD, +0.63%  and Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. CMG, +0.64%  as examples. The two stocks have taken divergent paths in that span: Hardly anybody predicted that Chipotle would suffer so badly — and for so long — from the food-safety problems that began in July 2015. Remember that, before Chipotle’s decline, many

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    A Sprint/T-Mobile Deal Still Faces Big Hurdles, Especially for Sprint

    apparently feel the answer to that question, as it relates to a tie-up between the #3 and #4 U.S. mobile carriers, is "yes." But T-Mobile's risk/reward calculations are probably a lot different than Sprint's, given its much healthier financial and competitive position, and just because the risk of a rejection has dropped doesn't mean it's no longer significant. On Tuesday morning, September 19, CNBC and Reuters both reported that T-Mobile and Sprint have resumed talks and were discussing an all-stock deal that (unsurprisingly) would give T-Mobile a majority stake in the combined company. Sprint shares rose 6.8% to $8.20 following the report, but remain down 3% on the year (compares with a 12% gain for the S&P 500) due to disappointing earnings reports and worries about aggressive promotional activity.