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New Hedge Fund Holders

New Hedge Fund Holders

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Follow this list to discover and track stocks that have gained the highest number of new hedge fund holders in the last quarter.

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Follow this list to discover and track stocks that have gained the highest number of new hedge fund holders in the last quarter.


The Yahoo Finance New Hedge Fund Holders list tracks those positions that have increased the most in terms of new hedge fund holders. Investors follow increasing hedge fund investor interest as a possible source of returns and an important component of risk management. Nonetheless, these movements in the market can introduce volatility and uncertainty.

How did we choose these stocks?

Yahoo Finance employs sophisticated algorithms to monitor and detect trends in the Global Financial Markets. We bring these insights to you in the form of watchlists. We calculate the total number of new hedge fund owners of all stocks in the investable universe every quarter. The top 30 stocks with the highest number of new hedge fund owners are listed here.

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How are these weighted?

The stocks in this watchlist are weighted equally.


WatchlistChange Today1 Month Return1 Year ReturnTotal Return
New Hedge Fund Holders+1.64%+10.35%-5.83%-4.95%

30 Symbols

SymbolCompany NameLast PriceChange% ChangeMarket TimeVolumeAvg Vol (3 month)Market Cap
PFEPfizer Inc.53.04-1.64-3.00%4:02 PM EST46.14M32.89M296.90B, inc.261.2+9.70+3.86%4:00 PM EST12.20M5.46M240.89B
SESea Limited261.11-0.70-0.27%4:00 PM EST7.09M3.94M136.93B
TJXThe TJX Companies, Inc.70.25+2.24+3.29%4:03 PM EST5.64M6.93M84.76B
UBERUber Technologies, Inc.38.12+2.10+5.83%4:00 PM EST31.39M26.76M71.18B
PXDPioneer Natural Resources Company177.01+2.71+1.55%4:00 PM EST2.05M2.16M43.18B Holdings, Inc.251.3-0.72-0.29%4:00 PM EST2.92M1.61M23.47B
LYVLive Nation Entertainment, Inc.106.31+3.48+3.38%4:03 PM EST2.66M2.23M23.25B
MROMarathon Oil Corporation15.58+0.46+3.04%4:00 PM EST19.93M18.20M12.28B
HRCHill-Rom Holdings, Inc.155.76+0.10+0.06%4:00 PM EST481.24k962.04k10.35B
FIVNFive9, Inc.136.78-1.06-0.77%4:00 PM EST2.20M2.03M9.17B
ATUSAltice USA, Inc.16.71+1.14+7.32%4:00 PM EST5.67M7.93M7.68B
EQTEQT Corporation18.55+0.19+1.03%4:00 PM EST6.86M9.05M5.18B
VNEVeoneer, Inc.35.54+0.08+0.23%4:00 PM EST1.19M1.14M3.97B
TOSTToast, Inc.35.69+0.38+1.08%4:00 PM EST4.81M2.48M-
VSCOVictoria's Secret & Co.53.95+2.03+3.91%4:02 PM EST536.69k1.50M-
ONONOn Holding AG38.75-0.30-0.77%4:00 PM EST1.90M1.99M-
ESMTEngageSmart, LLC22.49+0.69+3.17%4:00 PM EST554.73k694.76k-
ARYEARYA Sciences Acquisition Corp V9.81+0.06+0.62%3:41 PM EST16.36k12.13k-
ALCCAltC Acquisition Corp.9.89+0.01+0.10%3:32 PM EST14.13k29.89k-
CWANClearwater Analytics Holdings, Inc.21.2-0.03-0.14%4:02 PM EST698.99k738.48k-
JXNJackson Financial Inc.34.03+1.14+3.47%4:00 PM EST1.63M3.97M-
LAWCS Disco, Inc.36.43+1.75+5.05%4:00 PM EST212.46k414.73k-
PRCTPROCEPT BioRobotics Corporation35.03+1.19+3.52%4:00 PM EST132.63k234.78k-
AKAa.k.a. Brands Holding Corp.11.52-0.05-0.43%4:00 PM EST264.38k587.70k-
HCNEJAWS Hurricane Acquisition Corporation9.8-0.04-0.41%3:59 PM EST790.77k36.34k-
JUGGJaws Juggernaut Acquisition Corporation9.8-0.05-0.51%3:50 PM EST1.63k28.51k-
FORGForgeRock, Inc.25.13+1.30+5.46%4:00 PM EST380.40k829.83k-
CPARCatalyst Partners Acquisition Corp.9.7301-0.06-0.61%3:20 PM EST645.0048.43k-
BROSDutch Bros Inc.48.27+0.21+0.44%4:00 PM EST1.90M3.19M-