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102-year-old woman is unexpected fitness guru

Ida Keeling, 102, talks in her new book, "Can’t Nothing Bring Me Down," about thrilling moments setting a running world record as a centenarian but also her struggles: growing up poor in Harlem and working in factories during the Great Depression. At the 2016 Penn Relays, Ida Keeling ran the 100-meter dash in 1 minute and 17.33 seconds to set the world record for women age 100 to 104 - then dropped to the track to do pushups. In her new book, Can’t Nothing Bring Me Down, Keeling, now 102, talks about thrilling moments like this, but also her struggles like growing up in Harlem and losing two adult children. When she was 67 years old, she was depressed, so her daughter took her to a track and field race and since then she has run off her depression.