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16-year-old journalist explains how he began covering stock market news on Twitter

16-year-old journalist Nicholas Brown joins Yahoo Finance Live to explain how he began covering the stock market and its breaking news via Twitter.

Video Transcript


- Good morning, everyone. And welcome back to "Yahoo Finance Live." Markets are nine minutes into this trading session. And Jared Blakey is on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange with a special guest. Jared, I'll toss things on over to you.

JARED BLIRKE: That's right. I am standing here with Nicholas Brown. You might know him as News by Nick. If you follow his Twitter feed, should be on your screen there, and encourage everybody to do that. And he is 16 years old. You are down at the New York Stock Exchange today. How did you make this happen?

NICHOLAS BROWN: It was-- Twitter is everything. I contacted Jay Woods, chief market strategist of DriveWealth. And I said, hey, Jay, I would love to come toward the Stock Exchange. What dates would be available? And today made it-- and this week, 25 and 26 made it happen. And it's a joy to be here on the floor.

JARED BLIRKE: It is fun. This is your first bell, right? This is your first time experiencing any of this. Tell us a little bit about the experience that you've had here in New York City with your father.

NICHOLAS BROWN: So we got here yesterday. And it was just traveling. We went around the financial district. That's where our hotel is. And just exploring the different shops and different things around here. Because this is my first time to New York City. And I most likely will be coming back soon.

JARED BLIRKE: We hope so. What else do you have in store here? This is a big city. There's lots to see. What are you doing?

NICHOLAS BROWN: So we're going to try and make our way up to Times Square later this week. I'll be back here tomorrow for the closing bell with Jay for hosting me. So I'll be here for the closing bell tomorrow. And today, after, we're probably going to go eat some pizza somewhere, yeah.

JARED BLIRKE: This is a great city for pizza. But we got to talk some shop here. You post headlines and news, breaking news. That's kind of your thing. You get up, you just told me, 4:30 AM every day. How do you make this happen?

NICHOLAS BROWN: So it all depends I'm up in the night. I go to bed probably around 8 o'clock. So I'm an early bed person. But then I get up early, check Twitter, get on and start tweeting whenever. And in communication with different wires, I have people that send me headlines from Reuters, Bloomberg, "Wall Street Journal."

And so I can't thank them enough, because I'm just one person. So yeah. But I mean, I'm watching TV constantly. I'm trying to see what the breaking news is, try to get look at analysts notes that are online. And I love it. And then pretty soon, my future career goal is to be a CNBC news anchor.

JARED BLIRKE: I think you meant Yahoo Finance. But let me--

NICHOLAS BROWN: Or Yahoo Finance because of you too.

JARED BLIRKE: All right, so one more question here. You said you had some help. Twitter is filled with a lot of noise. But there are some great people. I met you on it. Just tell me about your experience kind of using the community that we have in Fintwit?

NICHOLAS BROWN: So you have to find the correct accounts that post of the valuable information. You're one of them, Jay Woods, Carl Quintanilla from CNBC. And those are the-- and Joe Weichenthal from Bloomberg. And Liz Ann Sonders from Charles Schwab. Those are the accounts I would recommend following.

JARED BLIRKE: I agree. And then one more I'm going to add to that, News by Nick as well. Great having you here, Nicholas Brown. Thank you for joining us today. Guys, back to you.

- Hey, Jared, make sure he downs the Yahoo downloads, the Yahoo Finance app. You can watch us live every day for free. Thanks so much, Jerry.

JARED BLIRKE: It's going to happen. It's going to happen.

- All right.