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How Tom Brady is still in NFL shape at age 44, according to TB12's CEO

TB12 CEO John Burns joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss methods created by TB12 co-founders Alex Guerrero and Tom Brady to training professional athletes, what quarterback Tom Brady does to stay in shape through the program, and TB12's latest pre-workout product.

Video Transcript

EMILY MCCORMICK: TB12, the sports fitness and wellness brand co-founded by Tom Brady, is out with a new product. TB12 CEO John Burns and Yahoo Finance's own producer and sports reporter Josh Schafer join us now to talk more about it. John, thank you so much for your time. The new TB12 product is a pre-workout blend, and your co-founder, Tom Brady, has had a pretty incredible and lengthy career now at age 44. How does this new product and TB12's existing offerings help athletes of every echelon get the fuel and fitness into their lifestyles that they have?

JOHN BURNS: Well, thanks for having me, and, you know, I appreciate the question. Our business is really based on trying to help people everywhere live pain-free and perform their best, and I think especially when you're talking about the upper echelons of sport, someone like Tom and other professional athletes, everything and anything that they can do to help themselves with their health, with their energy levels, with their ability to perform, and, importantly, recover is what we're about. And the great thing is we get to work with people like Tom Brady, but also average, everyday people like myself and you all have come to see us in our centers all over, so we can do a lot for people if you're looking to perform your best.

JOSH SCHAFER: Yeah, John, with that, I mean, I think people watched Tom this weekend, at 44, playing in another playoffs, and maybe sit there and look at their aches and pains, and say, you know, I can't imagine playing in the NFL. Maybe I can't even imagine going for a run at a certain age, right? What is one or two things that people can maybe take away from the TB12 method, some stuff that Tom does, some stuff that you guys do with people that middle-aged aged people could be doing to kind of keep in that up-shape?

JOHN BURNS: Yeah, that's a really important question, Josh, and I think our whole TB12 method really centers around the notion of muscle pliability, right? And we specialize in a deep-force tissue work to help you lengthen your muscles and then make your muscles more resilient and allow you to move without restriction. So, you know, anyone out there, as you're exercising and taxing your body through even activities of daily life, your body has a tendency to get more tense, get more dense, have restrictions of movement. So we recommend to everyone, focus on your pliability. If you can't see a TB12 body coach in person, roll out. We have, obviously, a TB12. As purveyors of the TB12 method, we sell vibrating rollers, spheres, things like that which can help you. So really focusing on your muscle pliability is probably the number one thing that you can do.

Second, beyond that, it's obviously working hard to make sure, when you exercise, you don't counteract the efforts to become more pliable and move without restriction. So, for instance, you know, when I was growing up, heavy weight-lifting was the thing, right? And so, you know, deadlift as much as you can, squat as much as you can. Well, the reality is doing that makes your muscles and your body more tight, more dense, more restricted in movement. So we espouse exercising in a way that supports your sport, supports your activities, but doesn't do it at the expense of pliability. So we're big fans of working out with resistance bands, bodyweight, things like that. Doesn't mean you can't work out with weights. We certainly complement many power-type athletes, and especially crossfit athletes, but really focusing on the pliability and a functional strength and conditioning that is built around your sport, your activities are probably the two key things that you can focus on. And, look, it's working for Tom. It has worked for Tom for a long time, and he's really our pinnacle case study in it. I mean, he either leads the NFL or close to leads the NFL in every major passing category at the age of 44 this season. I mean, it's extraordinary.

JOSH SCHAFER: John, what's it like working with Tom while he's having all of this success? I know, the last time you were on, you told us, you know, you got a couple of hours with him after a game to spend time with him and kind of build the business. I'd imagine, when he's on these playoff runs, maybe he doesn't have the time for that, or does he kind of? What does he do from a business perspective while he's on the field in the playoffs? Do you guys maybe just see him at the end of every Super Bowl run, or is he still in constant contact with you guys?

JOHN BURNS: No, Tom is a truly unique and very special person in that regard. I mean, I've said this before and I live it every day. The TB12 method and our business is really his lifestyle. And aside from the commercial interests, obviously, of building a business, the opportunity to change people's lives is super important to him. So, yeah, obviously, through the course of a season, the communication cadence can ebb and flow a little bit, but, you know, as you said, with that example I shared last time, he's never not been available for something we need. And you know, I'll tell you what, he's always, always, always proactively reaching out with ideas. You know, our new product we launched today, which is our pre-workout product, that really came from a lot of conversations with him, and, you know, a couple of things he was doing and using, and, again, trying to push the limits himself. So he's very actively involved. I would be misleading if I say I would reach out to him on a Sunday this time of year during the playoffs. You know, usually not talking to him much on a Sunday this time of year. But, you know, the other six days of the week, for sure. And, again, as hard as he works on the field, and as hard as he works off the field for the field, he brings out the business as well. It's extraordinary.

EMILY MCCORMICK: All right. TB12 CEO John Burns and Yahoo Finance's Josh Schafer, thank you both so much.