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2021 Aston Martin DBX road test

Yahoo Finance's Pras Subramanian reviews the all-new 2021 Aston Martin DBX SUV.

Video Transcript

PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: I was a little skeptical at first. Riding in this car, driving in this car, reviewing this car actually. You know, would this live up to the standards that the brand DNA have asked for? They are known as a company that makes high performance, luxury coupes and sedans now, right? So, an SUV was needed because they need to, kind of, broaden their product range. And, frankly, the brand was suffering from sales and it couldn't-- needed to kind of expand and grow and make money. They couldn't survive on those coupes and sedans alone. So, here we are on the DBX, and from what I can tell you right now this car really does live up to the hype in terms of-- it really is an Aston Martin through and through.

Take a look at the outside, right? It is long wheel based. The wheels are extended out as far as possible. It has almost like a low roof line. It has that appearance because the car has such a long wheel base and, you know, new Aston Martin tail end that you see now in the vantage. The front, of course, is very serpent like, very Aston Martin. Smooth, sleek, aerodynamic. Designer Marek Reichman really did a great job here with keeping this SUV in the whole family of Aston Martin, in terms of their design DNA, in my opinion.

Inside, I mean, it's just a stunner. There's leather everywhere. Stitched perforations, high end materials like this brushed aluminum, and this wood, this dark kind of walnut cherry wood that you could of course, customize however you like. But they did a phenomenal job with the interior. It really does feel like an Aston. It smells like an English library, it is insane. I love stepping into this car, right, and there's a big panoramic sunroof too. So inside it's great. It really is. You're paying over $200,000 for this car, so you expect the interior to be next level and it is. You know, if we're talking about competing against the Bentley Bentayga and the Lamborghini Urus, it does. In fact, I think it might actually step it up just a tad because of the fact that it is an Aston and they did a great job of really making you feel like you're in one of the newer Aston Martins that you see-- the DB11, vantage to cars like that.

So, below the interior, how's the drive? Well I'm driving right now in some "twisties" here. There's four drive modes for regular roads and two terrain modes. I'm in sport right now. It sounds great. The car actually handles pretty well for it being an SUV. It's pretty linear in terms of steering. I don't feel like it's pushing at the corners or waffling. It's pretty direct, pretty straight. But let me tell you, it does-- it does drive, it drives like an Aston. It is fast, it belies its in size in terms of its weight. It really does do the trick in terms of maintaining the Aston Martin DNA. The looks, but then also the performance, the sound, the immediacy of the acceleration, the handling. It's really there. I mean, you can't really ask for more in an SUV. You know, they're not really my-- I'm not really a big SUV kind of guy-- but I know Aston Martin need to do this in order to survive. And I think they did the best they could with the first effort here with the DBX.

So check out my full review for more on this car. I go deeper into the history of the brand and the, kind of, a little bit of the troubles that they-- that they recently were facing and why this car is so important for this revival. All right, so, thanks a lot guys. I'll see you next time.