75% of singles prefer alcohol-free dates: Hinge

Yahoo Finance anchors discuss the results of a Hinge study showing that singles, and Gen Z in particular, prefer not to drink alcohol on dates.

Video Transcript

RACHELLE AKUFFO: Sober dating, a growing trend among Gen Z. Now 75% of those surveyed by Hinge said they'd prefer a sober first date, with 55% saying it's because they want a clear mind when getting to know someone. Now, in the equivalent of the Walk of Shame, 50% of millennials say they drank on a date, but wished they hadn't. Seana, what's your take on this?

SEANA SMITH: You know, I was going to say, I definitely, when I met my husband and we went on many dates, I think there was alcoholic beverages consumed at, I want to say, pretty much all of them. So I don't know what this says about both of us. But I do think it's an interesting trend. I think it really also puts the spotlight on the fact that Gen Z is prioritizing other things. There's also lots of talk about how they like to do-- go on experiential dates, types of things, do different activities, not your traditional bar and restaurant type of date. So I don't know.

DAVE BRIGGS: They are drinking less than other generations across the board. I'm with you. I can't even imagine the beginning, the genesis of my now marriage without alcohol. I mean, that's what loosened our inhibitions to get to that--

RACHELLE AKUFFO: Cup of courage.

DAVE BRIGGS: --to get over the friend barrier. But yeah, look, I think it's, generally speaking, part of the process. Major beer companies say 30% of their marketing money is actually going to non-alcoholic brews, which was a massive number to me. Beers like Athletic Brewing, non-alcoholic exploding in growth today. That really is a trend, not among millennials, not among Gen Xers, but yes, the Gen Z.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: It seems like they have the better head on their shoulders. They want that clear mind when they're meeting people. But, you know--

SEANA SMITH: You can have one drink and have a clear mind.


SEANA SMITH: How much-- you're not going to get wrecked on one.


SEANA SMITH: That's just my take.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: Sometimes it's just a cup of courage. There's nothing-- to sort of relax into it, you know?

DAVE BRIGGS: A cup of courage.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: A cup of courage.

DAVE BRIGGS: It's nice to have you here today. And she's going to be back tomorrow. That will do it for us.