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This 9-year-old boy’s Twitter account will melt your heart

Gideon Kidd from Cedar Falls, Iowa, has an incredible connection with canines — we’re talking hands-on puppy love.

The 9-year-old recently started a Twitter account that’s not just sweet but also very pet-friendly — specifically dog-friendly. The fourth-grader documents every dog he pets and posts it on his Twitter account, @IvePetThatDog. He also has a website by the same name. The posts include warm descriptions of each dog’s personality and background. He has met more than 300 pups! That’s not all: Kidd has 55,000 followers — and growing. “I will try to pet a dog every day,” he told People.

Kidd has his own furry friend. He is the owner of a 12-year-old pooch named Walter. When Gideon grows up, what does he want to do? Be an animal rescuer of course! Besides being a big fan of dogs, he also likes “cats, gerbils, and hippos!”

Thanks for making us smile, Gideon!