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'90s Child Stars Share Hollywood Horror Stories on 'Hollywood Darlings'

'90s child stars, Beverley Mitchell (7th Heaven), Jodie Sweetin (Full House), and Christine Lakin (Step By Step) were sharing some of their worst showbiz stories on the season finale of Hollywood Darlings. And Jodie's horror story involved the "children of the corn."

The Full House star was talking about a time when she was 10 years old and making an appearance in Des Moines, Iowa. Jodie said, "10,000 people showed up. It became a fire hazard so they had to cancel the event, smuggle me out in a cop car dressed as a boy, and there was no social media so I couldn't tell people why it was cancelled, and I just wound up looking like a dick."

While that was an unfortunate situation, it wasn't nearly as crappy as Christine Lakin's story. The Step By Step star said, "Um, okay, so a couple years ago I had an audition for this FX show with Tracy Morgan and I sh*t my pants."

It's hard to tell if these stories were real or just written for the show. But Hollywood Darlings hasn't been picked up for a second season yet, and with conversations like that, how can they not renew this show?