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Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John dies at 73

Olivia Newton-John, actress and singer best known for her role as Sandy in "Grease," passed away at the age of 73 on Monday.

Video Transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: Some sad news now to report. Actress and singer Olivia Newton-John has died at the age of 73. Newton-John's career spanned some 50 years. She was, of course, best known for playing Sandy Olsson in the movie "Grease" from 1978. But as a singer, she sold more than 100 million albums and scored five number ones on the Billboard Hot 100, including 1981's "Physical," which topped the charts for 10 weeks. In the latter half of her career, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she became a champion for cancer patients and their loved ones. She is survived by her husband and daughter.