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Adam Levine struggles to keep up with the other coaches on 'The Voice'

The Voice introduced a controversial new twist called the Cross-Battles this season, much to viewers’ chagrin – and, now, to Adam Levine’s chagrin.

This new round pitted contestants from opposing teams against other, thus effectively doing away with the team quotas that have traditionally been in place until the free-for-all top 24. As a result, after two week of Cross-Battles (which pared the top 32 down to the top 24 moving on to Live Playoffs), Adam’s team has already been practically decimated. While his longtime rival Blake Shelton will head to the Playoffs with a whopping eight contestants, and Kelly Clarkson and John Legend each have six, Team Adam’s ranks have now been thinned to a mere four singers.

Here’s a stunning graphic to drum this point home. Blake still has so many contestants that the last one, Andrew Sevener, won’t even fit on the screen:

That doesn’t mean that Adam has no shot. Three of his hopefuls – Domenic Haynes, Kalvin Jarvis, and Mari – are three of Season 16’s most interesting artists. Meanwhile, the other coaches all definitely have some fodder. Perhaps as the Playoffs play out, this playing field will become more level. But if there is strength in numbers, then it looks like Blake is on his way to a seventh victory.