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Adorable goldendoodle Blake can bowl

Meet Blake, an 8-month-old goldendoodle with some major bowling skills. The cute pup is living his best life! Blake’s family owns KT Lanes — a small bowling center in Emmett, Idaho. Naturally, Blake spends most of his time there and has picked up one sweet hobby, bowling.

At just 12 weeks old, Blake started practicing. His owner, Terri Simpson, found a creative way for him to send the ball rolling down the lane by using the ramp often reserved for kids’ parties. She tells People, “He sometimes pushes it and goes to the side of the ramp and watches it go down the lane to hit pins. He has never tried to chase the ball down the lane. And always wants a ‘high-5’ after.” Now that’s beyond cute! Blake has a partner in crime, his little brother, Adam. The precious pair happen to be named after two famous singers, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.