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Adorable Kids Embarrass Their Parents and Steal the Show on 'American Ninja Warrior'

On the season premiere of American Ninja Warrior, ninja hopefuls came out seeking fame but it was the kids in the cheering section that ended up stealing the show. The season kicked off with the Los Angeles qualifying run. Those hoping to make a trip to Mount Midoriyama first had to make a trip to the city of angels, and some of them brought their kids.

Zhanique Lovett was one of the hopefuls and she had a cheering section comprised of her husband and three children. The the oldest of the boys, Joseph, was so excited to watch his mom compete that he couldn't stand still. Instead Joseph bided his time by doing flips, handstands, and cartwheels.

Then there was Riles Nganga, who was accompanied by his friends and two small boys. Nganga completed the course and is moving on to the next round. This is a particularly good thing because as his son pointed out, "He did good and I wanted him to get across because he's scared of water." Why is he scared of the water? Well his very young son answered that question by announcing, "My daddy can't swim."