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When an African American Educates, Empowers and Modifies - Watch Out!

As TheStreet continues its coverage of Black History month, we look at another African American, Ashley M. Fox, who followed her vision, created a start-up less than a year ago, called Empify (a combo or the words empower and modify), and is quickly becoming the go-to person for financial coaching. Fox¿s vision includes helping people shake off the jitters and take a leap of faith to pursue their true calling. Fox, at 25 years young, holds a series 63, series 7, as well as real estate, life insurance and annuities licenses. Fox says she prefers to be called a financial coach rather than a financial advisor, ¿because an advisor tells you what to do, but a coach helps you do it.¿ TheStreet's Cherella Cox has details from our Wall Street headquarters.