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Alec Baldwin Nails 'Godfather' Impressions of Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and James Caan

Alec Baldwin dropped by Conan where he took a break from doing Donald Trump impressions so he could focus on doing some impressions from the recent 45-year reunion for The Godfather. Baldwin easily hopped from impression to impression as he portrayed Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and James Caan.

Baldwin started with an impression of James Caan, that was primarily made up of laughing. He then moved on to Al Pacino, speaking in non-sequitur niceties. And finally he ended on on Robert De Niro, who did most of the talking with his eyes and hands.

For an encore performance Baldwin took the audience on a journey through the evolution of Al Pacino's voice. He started with an impression from Pacino's earlier career with the film Serpico. Then he dropped down a few octaves and did an impression from the film Scent of a Woman. Finally, Baldwin ended with the modern of Pacino, who he believes sounds like an "Italian Foghorn Leghorn."