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Amazon aims to hire 33k employees for corporate, tech jobs

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Yahoo Finance’s Sibile Marcellus joins Kristin Myers to discuss the new initiatives Amazon will be rolling out at its 2020 Career Day.

Video Transcript

- And let's talk jobs now. Amazon is holding a career day with over 30,000 jobs up for grabs. For more on that, we're joined now by Yahoo Finances' Sibile Marcellus. Hey, Sibile.

SIBILE MARCELLUS: This is great news. So we know that many employers have come out and said that furloughs or layoffs many more are coming down the pipes. Well, Amazon is bucking the trend. They are looking to hire and fill 33,000 tech and corporate jobs.

Now they're going to be holding their career day on-- in a week, actually, next Wednesday. And they're going to have tons of people there to help people find jobs. It'll be all virtual, so you can do it from home. They're going to have 1,000 recruiters and 20,000 career coaching sessions.

Now on top of that, Amazon is actually signaling that they do plan to hire even more people. They're going to be adding thousands of hourly positions. If you look at Amazon stock, it's been on a tear. Year to date, the stock is up about 77%. Keep in mind, obviously, we're going through this pandemic and the recession.

- And talk to me also about United because they also have some good news on the jobs front.

SIBILE MARCELLUS: That's right. So United, I've been watching that airline, and what we're seeing here is that they've reached a tentative agreement with their pilots union. Now United had announced that they would have to furlough about 3,000 pilots by October 1 if the airline industry overall doesn't get an additional $25 billion bailout. So there is this tentative agreement, but the union still has to vote on it.

And neither the airline nor the union want to give us specific details in terms of exactly how much cost saving there is going to be or for how long they'll be able to stave off those pilot furloughs. So we're going to keep monitoring this, but the-- the real, you know, gold star with the airline industry is really looking for here is another $25 billion bailout. That's what would really help them save thousands of jobs.

- Absolutely. And United right now down to 3.2%, while Amazon is actually up over 4% right now. Thanks so much, Sibile.