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Amazon unveils indoor security drone

Yahoo Finance's Dan Howley joins Akiko Fujita to break down the details of Amazon's latest smart device.

Video Transcript

AKIKO FUJITA: Tracking Amazon stock very closely as well. Shares, they are up about 1%, on the back of a slew of new hardware or new devices the company announced just a short time ago. Dan Howley is here to break down the announcements for us. And Dan, we're talking about a new Ring security camera drone. Walk me through how this works.

DAN HOWLEY: Yeah, this is called the Ring Always Home Cam. And it is a drone that flies around your home. It'll dock in its charger, take off when it hears something or when your Ring security system hears something, it'll fly in that direction. And then it'll investigate, it'll make a loud noise while it's flying, so people aren't hurt. And then once it's done doing its kind of reconnaissance, I guess, you can then have it set itself back down onto the charger.

And it's something that's surprising only in that it's a drone inside the home. And so what Amazon or Ring, parent company is Amazon, but what Ring's doing is encasing the blades entirely so that nobody would potentially get struck by them or they don't strike anything and the system doesn't damage itself. It's a little over $200 for this, which isn't too expensive when you consider that it's a drone for inside your house. It's a pretty wild device.

Amazon also launched new versions of their Echo devices. Those are no longer those tall cylinders. They're actually making them spear-like now, and they're still going to have versions of the Echo Dot and Echo Dot with its built-in camera, sorry, clock. Those are also going to be spherical as well. So they rolled out a slew of new properties, including a new cloud gaming service called Amazon Luna. That will be $5.99 a month. It's in early access now, so you need to get an invitation to try it, but it's part of Amazon's bet to jump into the $160 billion gaming industry.

They have tough competition though. Microsoft has cloud gaming coming out, or that's out now. Google has cloud gaming that's out now. Nvidia has cloud gaming that's out now, though Google and Nvidia really kind of struggling in the space. But Amazon is trying to put its foot down and become a huge member of the gaming community. And they already have a secret weapon in Twitch, which is going to be a part of this cloud gaming feature. So it's a really interesting day out of Amazon.