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AMD stock sinks on downgrade, Endeavor CEO’s salary revealed, UiPath stock down over 25%

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Yahoo Finance Live looks at several of the day's trending stock tickers,

Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAVE BRIGGS: Welcome back, everybody. Time now for our Triple Play, where Brad, Rachelle, and I all pick a stock, tell you how it's in the news and on the move as well. My play is Endeavor Group Holdings or EDR, the one-time talent agency which has evolved into so much more, that now owns the UFC. Its chief executive officer, Ari Emanuel took home an astounding pay package worth some $308 million last year. If you're keeping score, that is more than any CEO in the S&P 500 so far this year. Now, the bulk of that comp comes from stock, around $290 million after Endeavor's IPO. As for the stock right now, up about 1% today or about $0.30 per share but year to date, EDR up more than 17%, Brad. BRAD SMITH: Of course, he made this package last year. They went public and it was widely scrutinized. employees didn't like it. They got out the gate, and of course, I think they've still held on to much of those gains since the IPO marker. But again, this is a company that if we look at them further on down the line that's going to be annexed to something that you mentioned the success quite frankly, of UFC have seen how much they're able to continue to move that forward, get the octagon in more places. And have even more of some of the interesting partnerships that we've seen over the years, especially engaging more of the crypto community and culture. We've already seen how they've been able to kind of couple up and create some of those experiences where you've got Litecoin that was one of the sponsors for an octagon event previously. And so we'll see if more of that overlap can take place and add to some of the fanfare. But again, I think this executive compensation package, it was highly scrutinized out the gate, and it still is today, it's holding true. So that's something that we'll continue to watch for Endeavor. Also, I've got to talk about AMD. We've been watching AMD shares throughout the day here, it's down by about 7.7% right now. And that's coming after a downgrade. This one was from Barclays and they also updated their price target as well. And so just taking a look at the stock on the day as you were seeing here, moving lower by about 7% But I think particularly here what jumps out to me is the price target downgrade as well here, they downgraded it from overweight to equal weight, $148 a share price target, previously down to $115 a share from Barclays. And it comes at a time as well, of course, where semiconductors and the broader production supply chain issues. And then additionally for some of the deal-making that was intended but then had to get scrapped. All of that continues to be in focus and I think that's waning on some of the sentiment, at least here for Barclays today. RACHELLE AKUFFO: And that does seem to be the case, obviously watching what chipmakers are doing even before the Russia-Ukraine crisis and wondering about the minerals there, already being squeezed due to COVID. So it'd be interesting to see how some of these chipmakers fare after this, how creative they might have to be in that space. Now we're shifting gears now to my pick which is PATH, the ticker symbol PATH. Now, it's an interesting company I hadn't heard of, it's called UiPath. Now, that was actually trending today but as you can see, it took a big hit, it's down almost right, as you see there about 25% there. Now, instead of physical robots that help with some of these repetitive tasks that businesses make like expense reports, their platform assigns automatable tasks to software robots. And they sort crowdsource the sort of data that you look at and help you with these like suggestions for data. It seems like a good idea and they did have a beat on earnings and revenue as it released its fiscal Q4 announcement after the bell yesterday. But the problem was the weak forward guidance. That what's given the stock a beating today. For the first quarter of fiscal 2023, we saw that that sent the stock price tumbling and we also saw that the company operates in Russia and Eastern Europe, and because of that exposure, CEO Daniel Dines said, that exposure could create uncertainty with the ongoing conflict, as well as some of their sales and leadership changes. So they really do have a lot going on here. And so the stock really taking a beating today. DAVE BRIGGS: Yeah. Over the past year, 52 weeks, down 68% for UiPath so we'll have to keep a close eye on them hitting a 52-week low as you were bringing up a moment ago. And I believe that's also a new all-time low for the company.