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'American Horror Story' was filled with plot twists and gruesome kill scenes

On American Horror Story: Cult, a major plot twist was revealed in the first five minutes! Some of you may have already seen this coming after last week's episode, but in case you didn't... Ivy (Alison Pill) is part of the cult!

In last week's episode, we discovered that Ivy and Winter's (Billie Lourd) relationship goes back before the election and that Ivy has already gone dark when it comes to taking violent action in the name of politics. In the latest episode, "Holes", Ivy has left Ally (Sarah Paulson) and the rest of the members of the cult are now exposed amongst each other and are ruthless in their killing spree.

This week we learned about what happened to Kai (Evan Peters) and Winter's parents. Unfortunately, it was a murder-suicide that was totally kept under the radar with the assistance of their older brother… Ally's therapist. Finally, we know why we always thought he was a little shady and questionable. He's related to Kai by blood, and we're not referring to the gruesome murder scenes.

But speaking of those gruesome murder scenes, this episode was filled of them. From stabbing Bob (Dermot Mulroney) to death and being finished off with an axe to the head, to ripping Bob's surprise gimp in the attic off the mini hooks all over his body, to taking turns using a nail gun on one of their own, AHS: Cult really nailed it on the head this week. Too soon?