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Americans' response to RNC more negative than DNC: Ipsos poll

Yahoo Finance’s On the Move panel breaks down an ABC News/Ipsos poll that says that Joe Biden got an approval rating bump thanks to the Democratic National Convention

Video Transcript

ADAM SHAPIRO: We got the latest favorability polls. And it seems to me like, when you slice and dice these things, it's like, well, on a Tuesday with a full moon, this candidate does better than on a Wednesday with, you know, a half moon.

RICK NEWMAN: I think you're totally right. There was-- so in one poll, Trump's approval rating dipped a little bit following the conventions. There was another poll by Morning Consult that showed that Trump gained a little bit on Joe Biden. Let's call it a wash.

So I think we can safely say at this point that the convention's probably didn't have any meaningful impact on the horse race between these two candidates. And that's different from the past. I mean, normally, one candidate or the other would get a little bit of an edge from the conventions. But, you know, a lot of political analysts going into the convention said, don't expect a bounce.

What's unusual about the election climate these days and in 2020 is people are just more polarized. More voters have already made up their minds. There are fewer people left to persuade. So that is where we stand now that we're in the home stretch. For people wondering, maybe 5% to 8% of voters still haven't made up their minds yet. And that's what the battle is going to be over during the next eight or nine weeks.

ADAM SHAPIRO: Rick, do these polls give us any sense of what the issue is for those people? Because, in just a second, we're going to be checking in with Angelique [INAUDIBLE] on the latest COVID news. And is COVID going to be the deciding factor? Or is it something else?

RICK NEWMAN: You know, I don't think we know yet. But we actually did our own poll along with Harris right before the Democratic convention. And there were a couple takeaways from that. First is, compared with 2016, voters are more concerned about many issues. So their level of concern and their level of anxiousness, their intensity, is just a lot higher. And it's not surprising. Look what's going on right now.

We have a health crisis, unlike 2016. We have a recession, unlike 2016. And now, we have a law-and-order issues and a lot of urban violence related to protests and looting. So all three of those issues went in that Yahoo Finance-Harris poll. We asked voters, what's your degree of concern about these things? All of them scored in the mid-to-high 80s. That's very high.

And back in 2016, there was no single issue on which more than 80% of voters said it was a concern for them. So voters have a lot on their minds as they decide who their candidate is this year.

ADAM SHAPIRO: And the one thing we should point out is some breaking news that, as far as in the cases of positive tests for coronavirus in the United States, we have now topped 6 million cases.