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Amy Poehler Makes Fun of Jimmy Fallon's Mustache on 'The Tonight Show'

Amy Poehler stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and she wasn't quite as supportive of Jimmy Fallon's mustache or his "Summer of 'Stache" as he calls it. On the other hand, the band Imagine Dragons, shaved their face fur down to lip ticklers after Fallon challenged them to do so last episode.

Poehler asked the audience what they thought about Fallon's lip foliage. They shouted out various things including "sexy" and "Free Bird," to which Poehler said, "It's funny that you say 'Free Bird,' because I was going to say struggling singer-songwriter."

And after Poehler nailed down the persona that Fallon was embodying with his flavor savor, she went on to elaborate on this mustachioed character. When Fallon asked if he goes to coffeehouses she said, "He technically isn't allowed in any coffeehouses anymore. Because of the incident."

And though this imagined man with the lip toupée might not be visiting any coffeehouses anytime soon, he definitely doesn't let his snot mop hold him back. Poehler said, "He leaves women his lyrics for them to find the next morning, and they're like, I made a mistake." Fallon asked, "And is he there when they finds it?" to which she replied, "Oh, yeah, he's hiding in her closet."