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Andy Cohen's New 'Love Connection' Full of Wonderfully Awkward Moments

Andy Cohen recently brought back the legendary dating show, Love Connection. The original show aired from 1983-1994, with Chuck Woolery as the host. Although, Andy has found a way to make the show as awkward as possible, which is fantastic!

Thursday’s show featured 28-year-old Lauren, who can’t find the time for love because she’s a workaholic. So Lauren went on dates with three guys in the hopes of finding a love connection with one of them.

Her first date was with Adam, who rated Lauren’s looks a 3-out-of-10. Although, once the date started, it was Lauren who wasn’t a fan of Adam. So Lauren bailed on the date before it was even over. Adam said, “She dines and dashes. She comes back and then realizes that was a rude thing to do. She kisses me on the forehead, and then she just beelines it out of there.”

The second date was so bad that Lauren didn’t even kiss him on the forehead. But Lauren’s third date was so good that they showed video of them kissing at dinner. It seemed like the two definitely made a love connection, but Andy wasn’t gonna make it that easy, so he threw $10,000 to the mix to make it more interesting.

Before the details of the dates were revealed, the audience voted on which guy they thought Lauren should pick. If they picked the same guy as Lauren, she would get $10,000 and a special overnight date with her man. If they picked one of the other guys, Lauren would have to choose between staying with her love connection and getting no money, or going with the guy the audience picked and getting the $10,000.

So when the audience picked Adam, Lauren had a tough choice to make. Although, it didn’t take her long to walk away from her love connection and toward the money.