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Anna Faris isn’t a fan of the ‘SNL’ impression of her

Anna Faris dropped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Thursday night where she responded to Abby Elliott’s impression of her on Saturday Night Live. At first Faris seemed at a loss for words. Then she responded with an impression of Elliott doing an impression of her.

“Apparently I have a really breathy voice,” Faris said as Elliott as Faris. “And I would just like exuding [sp] confidence all the time.”

Elliott hasn’t been on SNL since 2012 so it’s been several years since she’s had the opportunity to do her impression of Faris, in which she portrays the actress as less than intelligent to say the least. So who can blame Faris if it sounds like the wound might still be fresh.

Faris said, “I guess, you know, I don't know. There’s, I don't know. There's a worse impression. But no, I loved it?” “That’s the right answer,” Cohen replied.