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Anna Kendrick and Others Star in John Oliver's Wax Warren G. Harding Film

John Oliver revealed on Last Week Tonight that his show recently purchased wax sculptures of U.S presidents from a closed down museum. The Hall of Presidents and First Ladies Wax Museum in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, recently held an auction selling off their wax presidents. Celebrities like Rachel Maddow, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart each bought a wax sculpture, but Oliver bought five. Oliver had a pretty good reason why, saying, "Because we're five times stupider than any other TV show, that's f**king why.

Although, Oliver did much more than just buy the wax presidents, he made a movie trailor using his Warren G. Harding sculpture. Oliver found Harding's life story so interesting, particularly his sex life, that he thought it would make a great movie. Unfortunately, nobody is lining up to make a movie about our 29th president. So Oliver gathered Academy Award nominees, Anna Kendrick, Michael McKean. James Cromwell, and Laura Linney and, of course, wax Warren G. Harding to make a hilarious trailer.