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Apple earnings: What to watch from the iPhone maker in the quarter ahead

In the latest “After the Call,” Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi and Brad Smith discuss where Apple — and the stock — goes from here after the tech giant reported weaker-than-expected Q1 earnings.

Video Transcript

BRAD SMITH: We're talking about a company that is literally like an appendage for most people. And so I think that's what the core of this is. They're going to eat up Apple to the extent that they need to, but when it comes down to how much they actually want to spend on them, then it makes a world of difference because then it comes back to, OK, what does the environment do? I feel comfortable putting money out there for a new MacBook Pro. Do I feel comfortable spending up? As Tim Cook was saying, people feel confident or are willing to spend up into a higher tier phone. That's going to affect the average selling price if people are saying, eh, no, no, Tim, we won't.

BRIAN SOZZI: All right, let me wrap this up with three final points or final takeaways here on this call. First up, Tim Cook, I encourage you to send me an email, Brian.Sozzi@yahoofinance.com. You need to reinvent your earnings call. I mean, it was sleepy. I appreciate all the good information, but there's a better way to do it. You're Apple. Innovate on your earnings call.

Number two, Rich Cramer, go get a beer, my man. You should have unmuted your button on this call. You do not get every opportunity, every single day to get to question Tim Cook or even hear his voice. And last but not least, of course, Brad, like we set up this morning on the morning, Apple stock ran up to this print. And if you are an investor tomorrow morning and tonight, you have to think, did they do enough on this call to justify this run-up on the stock? Not a perfect quarter, don't like to see Apple miss, but they may have gained just enough to justify this run-up. Production is back. China is coming back. All those things are good.