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Apple event: Expect new iPhones, Watches, and potentially AirPods Pro

Yahoo Finance’s Daniel Howley joins the Live show from the 2022 Apple Event in Cupertino, CA, to preview the tech company’s product lineup.

Video Transcript

- Well it's the time of year again where we watch Apple. Consumers anticipate announcements of the company's latest products, and we've got that announcement coming later today, I believe, at 1 PM Eastern. Yahoo Finance's Dan Howley is out there at Yahoo-- Yahoo headquarters. At Apple headquarters.

- We wish.

- Waiting for that announcement. So Dan, what are we going to be hearing from Apple today?

- Yeah, we definitely didn't change our logo to an Apple. So we're expecting a few new iPhones today. We're also expecting some new Apple watches and potentially, potentially, some new AirPods. So let me give you a rundown of the iPhones that we're expecting. It should be the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

Now, they're changing up some of the naming here and they're also getting rid of the mini line. So we're not going to have an iPhone 14 mini. So if you like that smaller phone design, that's out the window. We're going to get an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro. Those are going to have 6.1 inch screens, and the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max, those should have 6.7 inch screens so they'll be a little bit larger.

That's if you like to watch things on your phone like Netflix. I personally go with the smaller size phone and it works just fine for me. But it's that Pro designation that's really going to be different this year. Instead of all the phones getting the same processors, the Pro phones will get the newer processors, while the non-Pro phones will come with last year's processor.

Now, that's not necessarily a negative. Those processors are totally fine. I'm running one right now in my iPhone and obviously it's working well, I hope. And I think the real differentiator is going to be a change to the screen design. We're expected to see an always on display, which means you should get notifications from your friends and family, different apps.

But it will show up on the screen without you having to unlock it. And it'll just be a black screen, hopefully with some white text. Android's been doing this for a while, so it's proven, it's really helpful. I've used it and enjoyed it. After the iPhones, we're also expecting to see some new Apple watches.

It's going to be the series eight, potentially a new SE, which is going to be the entry level. And then a series eight Pro for extreme athletes, things like that. The most extreme I get, as far as athletics, is getting myself up from the couch to the fridge to get a White Claw and then sit back down and play video games.

So it might not be for me, but it's going to be out there. And then obviously we're looking out for any potential surprise announcements as always. But it's not looking like we'll see one this year.

- And what about AirPods? I'm just wondering, any AirPod Pros for the extreme music listener, or anything on that horizon? Maybe enhanced battery life. Just in terms of anything else that we might expect, even delving into the laptop arena.

- Yeah. Hopefully we'll get some kind of new AirPods Pro. The Pro's have been around for a while now, so an update is definitely welcome. We have-- we had an update to the original AirPods. They're now kind of similar to the design of the Pros. Hopefully we get better battery life out of them.

You know, Beats has a kind of similar setup to the AirPods Pro with noise cancelation. They get better battery life than Apple's own flagship Pros. So hopefully we'll see an update there, maybe with a few more extra features. And then as far as the Macs, that's probably going to come in October along with some new iPads and maybe, maybe, a new M3 chip to run those Macs.

But we're not expecting those this time. We're not expecting any VR headsets. That'll probably be its own big splashy event on its own to really show off that technology, if and when it comes. And that's expected to be sometime next year.

- Dan, we're looking forward to talking to you after that event later this afternoon. And by the way, looking great out there keeping vigil by that Cupertino headquarters. Thank you for Dan-- thank you for that, Dan Holly.