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Apple issues emergency security update ahead of this afternoon's big event

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Yahoo Finance's Dan Howley talks Apple's emergency spyware flaw ahead of this afternoon's big event.

Video Transcript


ZACK GUZMAN: Well, Apple expected to unveil a new iPhone along with a slate of other gadgets at a special event in just a few hours. But there's a couple of things weighing on that, including the ruling we got last week versus Epic Games, as well as a last-second security patch that was issued to help fix some problems.

And for more on that, I want to bring on Yahoo Finance's Dan Howley because, well, Dan, I don't know if you want to start with the security issues or everything else weighing on this before the big event. But rare to see Apple facing issues ahead of something like this.

DAN HOWLEY: Yeah, let's start off with the security issue. This is from the NSO Group. This is basically an Israeli more or less tech company that looks for ways to break into different types of devices. So they managed to break into the iPhone using a no-click kind of penetration capability.

Really, what it happens is someone can send you a message on your phone. And you don't even have to tap it. It will automatically inject malware. And from there on, it can take total control over the iPhone.

Now, this is something that's been known for a little bit, a few months actually. There was a report from different organizations, pointing out that this software exists. Apple now moving ahead, ensuring that it puts kind of the kibosh on that and blocking out the ability for this kind of malware to work.

And then the other issue we have is the Epic Apple lawsuit. That concluded. We're waiting to see whether or not Apple will abide by or try to appeal that ruling. But essentially, it allows third party developers to provide a different means for customers to pay for apps or in-app purchases, which is really interesting, considering that Apple has put so much emphasis on its store and how people purchase. But those are two of the big issues that the company is facing.

As far as the event goes, we're looking at the iPhone 13 to be announced. That's what we're expecting it to be called. That supposed to have a faster display, new camera improvements, as well as a beefier processor. And then a new Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 7, that's supposed to get a completely new redesign as well as two larger screens. I'm a big fan of the Apple Watch, so I'm particularly excited about this one. I just bought a Series 6 though, so I don't know if I'm going to buy the Series 7. Who knows?

And then we also have a new pair of AirPods. And those supposed to sleep between the AirPods original or the original AirPods. They sometimes call them the AirPods 2. And the AirPods Pro-- and really, they'll have the look and feel of the Pro but not the noise cancelation or the interchangeable tips.

And then we may get a new iPad Mini. That has been in desperate need of an upgrade for some time. So it's supposed to get smaller bezels, a better-looking edge-to-edge display and a larger display overall. So I'm hoping that we get some of that, just because the iPad Mini is also one of my favorites.

ZACK GUZMAN: Dan Howley, you're going to have a very busy afternoon. That Apple event kicking off at 1:00 PM Eastern time. And he'll have all of it for us on Yahoo Finance. Appreciate you joining us with a look ahead.