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Apple showcases new device features at its launch event

Yahoo Finance Live checks out the new features Apple showcased for the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, and the AirPods.

Video Transcript

DAVE BRIGGS: Was a fascinating day there, as all the new devices were unveiled. I'm going to get everyone's takeaway here. A little bit under the radar, guys, but I thought the AirPods Pro, for a guy that carries this around everywhere-- and when you walk around New York City and most major cities, everyone has these things. They're ubiquitous now. We all have them in our ears everywhere we go.

Some new features on these AirPods Pro include the long awaited speaker in the bottom of the AirPod in case or when you lose them. We all lose them. Our children lose them on a daily basis. Now they can make a sound just like your iPhone so you can find them. So that was a big takeaway for me, in addition to the Apple Watch, which they really presented well as primarily a life saving device.

And it was a tremendous presentation on what this watch can do for you and your loved ones, really presenting it in a new light. And down the road, you know it's all about services for Apple. Apple Fitness+ is something to keep your eye on for all the fitness buffs out there. That's going to be free with your iPhones. I think that's gonna be a huge advancement down the road, Rachelle.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: I mean, I really do like the rugged version because as someone who doesn't have an iPhone, mainly because I'm very accident prone, and I can drop my Samsung everywhere and it doesn't crack, I like the idea of a more rugged iPhone that you can take out and about and hike or when your kids just drop it by accident. So, interesting to see. And obviously, everyone loves all the updated features with cameras. So a lot to love here, Seana.

SEANA SMITH: Certainly, and I think the big takeaway for me was the battery life for both the iPhone 14, iPhone 14+, and also the watch, the Ultra Watch, the new device that they unveiled today. They're saying that the battery life could reach up to 60 hours, which I'm a huge fan of the Apple Watch. I have one on my wrist right now, and it's dead.

So I could really benefit from a watch that has a stronger battery life. That could, of course, I think help drive sales. I think that's one of the biggest pushbacks against some people who haven't adopted the Watch, Dave. And I know you and I have had this discussion, is that it's just another thing to keep track of when you have so many devices that you already need to charge.

DAVE BRIGGS: Well, and it's the brilliance of initially Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. It's just this ecosphere that we are so connected to. They continue to widen it. And they continue to tap into our bloodstream so we can't escape the Apple ecosystem. And that's just a reminder today. Back on the phones, the low light feature of the camera is something that really appeals to people, in addition to a full day's battery life. I don't think there was an evolutionary game changer for the phone, but I understand you'll be getting a new one.

SEANA SMITH: I will be getting a new one. Also full disclosure, I haven't gotten one since the 10, so I am long overdue for one. So I'm very excited. I don't know which model--