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Apple TV releases new ‘Ted Lasso’ trailer, 119 million viewers tuned into Super Bowl Halftime Show

Around 113 million viewers tuned into the Super Bowl across digital and broadcast platforms with millions more watching the halftime show starring Rihanna.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: Apple TV releasing a teaser for the third season of "Ted Lasso" today. Here's a quick peek.


(SINGING) And I still believe.

- Well, if seeing is believing, I believe we've been seeing.

SEANA SMITH: There we go. Lots of fans have been waiting quite some time for that. The third season of "Ted Lasso" starts streaming on Apple TV+ on March 15, just about a month away. Yahoo Finance's Allie Canal is here with us. Allie, lots of people are excited. The person to the right of me is very excited for this. What can we expect?

ALLIE CANAL: Oh, yes, and I've had multiple people over the past year, year and a half, come up to me and say, do you know when "Ted Lasso" comes out?

DAVE BRIGGS: 17 months, man.

ALLIE CANAL: I know. October 2021--


ALLIE CANAL: --was when we last saw this show. And finally, it is back. It's going to be released on Wednesday, March 15, as you said. First three episodes available on that premiere day and then will be released once a week on Wednesdays this time. The last time we saw the show, they released it on Fridays.

So it's the first Apple TV series to premiere and debut mid-week, but it's just one of those shows that it's adored by fans. It's adored by critics. It won multiple Emmys for Best Comedy, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress. So I think fans are just excited to finally see this show return. But Seana, as you and I were talking about, sometimes, it takes too long for these shows--

SEANA SMITH: Yes, way too long.

ALLIE CANAL: --especially with the binge model. You binge it all, and then all of a sudden, you don't get a new season for two years. And you forget everything that happened in the seasons prior. So I'm on YouTube, trying to look up the synopsis of what happened the past two seasons. And I do think that's sort of risky. And you could lose some viewers that way.

DAVE BRIGGS: With the "Shrinking" show, this will be my two favorite shows on TV, both on Apple TV.


DAVE BRIGGS: Because "Shrinking" and "Ted Lasso," terrific. They are out of the gate. Speaking of Apple, they had the halftime show. We have some fresh numbers from the Super Bowl and the Apple Music halftime show. How many tuned in?

ALLIE CANAL: So for the Super Bowl-- and I, unfortunately, am an Eagles fan, so I watched the whole game, loved the whole game up until the very last minute. But I was not alone. 113 million folks tuned in to watch this game, the third biggest TV program of all time, behind the 2017 and 2015 Super Bowls. But it really was that halftime show with Rihanna that gathered the most viewers. Nearly 119 million people tuned in to watch this, the second highest rated halftime show right behind Katy Perry. I'm curious to hear your guys' thoughts on what you thought of Rihanna and her performance.

SEANA SMITH: So I liked it. I love a lot of her songs. I thought it met some of the hype out there. To be honest, I didn't love it. It was far from my favorite halftime show.

DAVE BRIGGS: I'm so relieved to hear you say that because Rihanna fans will come for you, man.

SEANA SMITH: Oh, I know.

DAVE BRIGGS: They are--

ALLIE CANAL: And they already have. There's already TikToks saying--

DAVE BRIGGS: I thought it was--

ALLIE CANAL: --she was pregnant, this and that. And it's--

SEANA SMITH: Certainly drummed up a lot-- yeah.

DAVE BRIGGS: She was pregnant. That's what I saw.

SEANA SMITH: That's amazing.

DAVE BRIGGS: It was a very average performance. It was very obvious she was lip syncing everything. I don't know. I was not moved by it, other than the fact that she plugged her company. I thought it was just OK.

ALLIE CANAL: Yeah, and I read a headline saying that instead of chaos, she chose to be very sleek and simple, in some ways. I can respect that because I do think the halftime show has become this spectacle. But I was disappointed that there were no guest performers. That's like one of the things missing.

DAVE BRIGGS: Yes, there was. It was her unborn child.

ALLIE CANAL: Well, if you count her unborn child. But I mean, she has so many great performers that have been featured on her songs. I was expecting that. I was expecting a little bit more. And again, like you said, Dave, I know people are going to come for me for that because they are very protective. And I love Rihanna. Don't get me wrong. She looked amazing. The few times that I did hear her sing, like, she sounds amazing. I hope that comes with a tour or something soon, but for now.

SEANA SMITH: Yeah, but you also got to give her a lot of credit. When I was pregnant-- I've been pregnant twice.

ALLIE CANAL: Absolutely.

SEANA SMITH: I wouldn't be getting up on one of those things suspended all the way in the air, let alone performing--

DAVE BRIGGS: No doubt.

SEANA SMITH: --in front of more than 100 million people. So, in that regard--

ALLIE CANAL: And what a way, what a way to announce your pregnancy.

SEANA SMITH: Oh, my God.

ALLIE CANAL: So I mean--

SEANA SMITH: Incredible.

ALLIE CANAL: --it is iconic in that way.

SEANA SMITH: Certainly is.

DAVE BRIGGS: No doubt.