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Athletes boycott games in wake of Blake shooting

Yahoo Finance's Brian Cheung breaks down why athletes are boycotting sports after Jacob Blake shooting.

Video Transcript


JULIE HYMAN: Time now for "Word on the Street," where we check in with our panelists, find out what stories they are watching. And Brian Cheung, being an NBA fan, has been watching that phenomenon in sports overnight, where a number of players and a number of teams then said that they were not going to play in protest over the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. There are some reports now, Brian, that the playoffs might resume, but we don't know when.

BRIAN CHEUNG: Right. ESPN now reporting that the games actually could return as soon as this weekend. But we need to back up, because it's been a wild few, I guess last 24 hours, if you will. 4 PM yesterday, Orlando Magic, Milwaukee Bucks, supposed to tip off game 5 in the bubble in Orlando. The teams, Magic was on the court, but the Bucks were not. The Bucks ended up boycotting that game. An hour later, the NBA announced that all of the game 5s were postponed across the league.

At 8 PM there was a player meeting. At 11:00 PM, the Clippers and the Lakers were reported to have advocated for ending that season entirely. So it seemed just as recently as last night, that the NBA bubble may have been over. But again, this hour, Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN saying that games could return this weekend, that players do want to come back, although we don't have exact timing necessarily.

But the boycott yesterday sparked a large movement online, in addition to it crossed other types of leagues as well. Keep in mind, the Milwaukee Brewers of the MLB, they actually canceled their game. Several NFL teams today decided not to practice. And for anyone wondering if this actually affected any change, the Milwaukee Bucks had said initially that they wanted the Wisconsin state legislature to take action after that shooting in Kenosha.

And I do want to reference a quote from MLB, the Washington Nationals, Sean Doolittle had said before, months ago, that he said, sports are a reward of a functioning society. And I think that's what these protests really are all about. Do we have a functioning society with the racial injustices that are happening? It seems like the NBA might be hoping that they can get some of that resolved before this weekend. Hopefully, that movement has sparked that conversation.