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Audo CEO explains how A.I.-driven career courses help grasp ‘who you are as an individual’

Audo Founder and CEO Milan Kordestani joins Yahoo Finance to discuss how A.I. driven job training courses are helping workers build skills and seek out non-traditional career paths.

Video Transcript


SEANA SMITH: Advancing your career or moving to a new industry can be confusing and stressful. But what if artificial intelligence could assess your skill set and connect you with the training and certifications that you would need? That's precisely what our next guest company Audo aims to do. Joining us now for more on that, we want to bring in the founder and CEO of Audo Milan Kordestani for today's installment of career control brought to you by Straight Talk Wireless.

Milan, it's great to see you. Just talk to us, I guess, first, just give us a groundwork of what exactly Audo is and how the AI exactly works.

MILAN KORDESTANI: Thank you for having us, Seana. I'm really excited to be here. So basically, what we do with the AI is we have to start by understanding who you are as an individual. So we assess you on your personality and it's all sorts of traits from how artistic you are, realistic, and enterprising. And then the next component is understanding what past experience you have. It could be being a waitress, it could be being a farmer, which is what I did before I went into working in tech.

But truthfully, whatever it is, we understand what your experience is. And we run all of that information against a massive database of resumes to see where is there overlap in where you are today with where you want to go, and how can we help you understand what those skills that are monetizable and in demand in today's marketplace, and recommend the right curriculum from across the internet and our partners to be able to recommend the right courses to quickly upskill you and make you valuable again in the marketplace and competitive.

SEANA SMITH: Milan, who's your target audience. Are these people that are just entering the workforce, have only been in the workforce for a few years? Or are people going to use Audo that have been in a job for maybe 10, 12 years, and they're looking to change what they're doing today?

MILAN KORDESTANI: So our focus today is on 18- to 24-year-olds, individuals that are currently trying to find more alternative solutions than the current university and college route. However, the truth is as we start to scale out and our AI becomes more intelligent at realizing what success looks like at different stages of people's careers, we'll be able to take anyone, even an individual that may have been out of the workforce for, say, 10 years after being some expert of a sort. And helping them identify what are the one or two skills that we can help you find and train to then be really competitive in the job market.

DAVE BRIGGS: Milan, presumably, there was a problem with the way this is happening now that you were looking to solve, what is the breakdown in the way people are choosing careers where we stand today?

MILAN KORDESTANI: Sure. So right now there isn't much clarity into how an individual that is going on after high school to figure out where they want to go with their career and what it is that they want to do beyond a college advisor or the SAT kind of helping determine which school you could get into. And likewise, when you're on LinkedIn, or Indeed, or any of these platforms really where you keep all of your information about your past experience, that information is never used to help you understand what you're missing when you don't land a job. And that's what we want to do.

We're here to use data for good and gamification to basically help you understand why it is you don't land a job when you apply for it by knowing what a competitor that did land that job, what it was that they had as a skill, and what we can do to help make you more competitive the next time.

DAVE BRIGGS: So say, someone out there right now wants to get started, where do they start? How much does it cost? How involved is the process?

MILAN KORDESTANI: So if you're interested right now in one of the three career tracks we offer, which are in digital marketing, software engineering, and graphic design, you could come to audo.com, and you sign up. And you'll be able to, after going joining our waitlist, as we're in beta right now, you'll be able to essentially take our AI assessment. And we'll start by figuring out who you are and then recommending the courses for you to get started.

We have a membership that starts at $12. And that helps you get significant discounts on all of the curriculum we offer. But even for users who are not members of ours, they can come to Audo and they can take courses at the same price as any of our partners online or better, guaranteed.