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Avery's Big Announcement Leaves Juliette in Tears on 'Nashville'

On Nashville, Juliette got a heaping spoonful of just deserts after accusing Avery of having an affair with Hallie. The paranoid songstress has been so self-absorbed that Avery decided it was time to let her know.

Avery told Juliette that he is no longer working with Hallie because Juliette "went insane" and "made utterly paranoid accusations." She acted like she had nothing to do with it saying, "I voiced my opinion. You can make your own choices." And while Avery would normally bite his tongue, this time he said, "Things can only go one way with you: Your way."

Later in the episode and without discussing it Juliette, Avery decided he was going to go on the 20-city tour Billy had arranged for him. When he told Juliette she was devastated. But Avery reassured her that he loved her but that he has to follow his dreams.

Sounding like a contestant from The Biggest Loser, Avery told Juliette, I have been taking care of everyone for a long time. Taking care of you and putting myself aside... But I need to do this, okay? I have to do something for myself now."