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Aziz Ansari Reads Crazy Yelp Reviews on 'The Tonight Show'

Aziz Ansari joined Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to read actual business owner's responses to customer reviews on Yelp, and these owners had a lot to get off their collective chests.

Things really got weird when a customer complained to her dentist. Apparently some dentists offer their patients some light entertainment while they get their teeth drilled. But for this customer she did not approve of the scantily clad women. Reading the disgruntled dentist's response, Ansar said, "The movies are always picked by the patient, and we offer a a variety of PG movies. Since you were over 18, we offered an R-rated one. And when you chose what you did, I told you there was nudity, and you said, 'Not a problem.' Looks like there's holes in your story, and your teeth."

But there was clearly no one angrier in all of Yelp than the Radiator Wizard. Ansari read, "Should you ever develop any manhood in your lifetime, you will come to realize this truth. You can run around and lie to everybody in this world! But there is one person you cannot lie to, and that is yourself! Yours truly, the Radiator Wizard."