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Babies and Marriage Proposals Are the Big Haul on 'Deadliest Catch'

On Deadliest Catch, Captain Jake Anderson and his wife Jenna received some unsettling news during a trip to the obstetrician. Based off some ultrasound measurements, they learned their baby may be born with birth defect.

The baby's neck fold, known as the nuchal translucency, was little larger than it was supposed to be. The doctor told the Andersons, "It could be indicative of something like down syndrome." The hospital ran some blood test and fortunately they all came back negative, so it looks like the baby will be healthy.

While all of that was going on, across town at Captain Sig Hansen's house there was a proposal happening. Clark Pederson is not only a greenhorn on Hansen's boat, he's also the boyfriend of Sig's daughter Mandy. Clark proposed to Mandy and she said yes.

So it looks like both captains are happily adding family members to their crews.