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'Bachelor' contestant's ex-boyfriend flies to Peru to confess his undying love

This season's penultimate episode of The Bachelor brought the penultimate surprise when Becca Kufrin's s ex-boyfriend of 7 years traveled all the way to Peru to confess his undying love for her.

When Ross Jirgl heard that Becca was on the show, he tracked down the production in Peru. And it appears as though the producers were all but happy to interject some drama into the lackadaisical season.


When Ross first arrived, he met with Becca's new love interest, Arie Luyendyk Jr. He tol Arie, "[She's] the only girl of my life, of my dreams, love of my life. And I came here to get her because she's the one for me."

Arie told Ross that he could not speak for Becca but that he and she had told each other that they love each other.

Ross visited Becca and confessed his love to her saying, "The intention was to win your heart back and do something big and then let you know that nothing could stop me from getting to you or loving you. I wanted to marry you, Becca."

While his grand gesture was nice, Becca pointed out that she's no Rachel McAdams and he's no Ryan Gosling. She said, "That's the thing. It's like you live your life in a movie and you think it's gonna work out like "The Notebook."

Realizing he made a huge mistake, Ross said, "I wish you guys the best. I have no business being here." And he left.

Ross's surprise visit didn't keep Arie from giving Becca a rose. And according to Twitter, a lot of fans are hoping to see Ross as a contestant on an upcoming season of The Bachelor.