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'Bachelor in Paradise' Breaks World Record for Hottest Kiss

Monday's Bachelor in Paradise was one for the record books, specifically the Guinness Book of World Record. Evan and Carly found themselves on a date, eating habanero peppers, and locking lips for an extended period of time.

This wasn't their first kiss, nor was it their most painful kiss. The two kissed the day before the date and while Evan felt "butterflies and explosions," Carly felt like the kiss was terrible.

Carly later said she had no attraction to him and added, "Evan does give me erectile dysfunction. He does. It's so sad." Despite her lack of of sparks, she went on a date with him only to find a Chris Harrison joined by a crowd of people and a Guinness Book representative.

The two each ate a habanero pepper for 30 seconds and then kissed for more than 90 seconds. Carly said, "I think I'd rather be broken up with on a beach again than do this."

After a lot of sweat and tears, the two stopped kissing. Evan said, "My mouth is on fire right now and I don't know if it more from the pepper or from Carly." Carly said after puking in the restroom, "Just to set the record straight I threw up not just from the pepper. From the kiss."