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'Bachelor in Paradise' fetus dances for audience during on-camera ultrasound

Evan and Carly Bass made an ultra impression on a special in-studio Bachelor in Paradise when they had an ultrasound performed in front of a live audience. And the 12 week old fetus took full advantage of it's moment in the spotlight.

During the ultrasound, the fetus started wiggling quite a bit leading Carly to say, "Oh, my God, she's jumping! It's, like, doing gymnastics or something. It's like, 'Mom, I'm moving. I'm here.'"

At the time that this episode was taped, the couple claimed to have not known the gender of their baby. But since then, Carly did post a gender reveal picture on her instagram account announcing it is going to be a girl.

While the couple is excited for a little girl, Carly is just glad to have any baby, saying, "I've had doctors be like, 'I just don't know. Like, it's gonna be probably hard for you to conceive.' And I'm like, Okay, that's a really hard thing to think, as a woman. And then, for it to just happen. So, it's like our little, like, miracle baby."