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Bed Bath & Beyond had a Disastrous Quarter, Here are the 5 Problems


Bed Bath & Beyond just reported another disastrous quarter, underscoring one golden rule in retail stock analysis: When things start to go very bad, it usually gets worse before it gets better. Brian Sozzi has found five things wrong with the report that should scare all Bed Bath & Beyond shareholders. For example, the company only beat the bottom end of its lowered earnings guidance by a penny, suggesting the companyâ¿¿s business is underwhelming modest expectations by executives. Another negative aspect was that gross profit margins have shed a whopping 256 bps in the last five quarters. The reading here is that Bed Bath & Beyond continues to be eaten alive by competitive pressures from Amazon, a renewed JC Penney home department, its own aggressive drive to open new stores, and more couponing designed to lure in customers. See what else Sozzi found here.