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Bella Thorne says shooting a music video with an adult film star was a fun experience

Please note: This video contains sexual imagery and profanity.
Bella Thorne discusses new music, working with an adult film star and shedding her Disney "good girl" persona once and for all.

Video Transcript

MONET X CHANGE: All right, ladies and gentlemen. I cannot tell y'all how bleeping excited I am to talk to this next guest. Please welcome the lovely, the fabulous, the beautiful Bella Thorne. Hey, gorgeous.

BELLA THORNE: Oh my god, can you do my intro for everything?



MONET X CHANGE: Girl, we got to talk about "Shake It," your new music video, "Shake It." Girl, girl, girl.

BELLA THORNE: It's time for it.

MONET X CHANGE: Costar with Abella Danger. I'm sure there was some fear like, if I co-star with this person, will this f*** up my Hollywood image?

BELLA THORNE: I wanted to use her for the video because she's kind of my perfect idea for a woman. Every trait that she possesses, I'm like, yeah, I could date that girl. If they don't like her, don't watch my music video, and don't listen to my song, and don't stream my sh if you're going to go talk s*** about this girl.

MONET X CHANGE: How was it directing yourself and your friends in a video?

BELLA THORNE: If we don't have fun while filming it, you will see that. So it was so important that we had a loose set and that it was more just about me and Abella connecting and being like, camera, roll, roll, roll, roll, because we're already in a moment.

MONET X CHANGE: So you have "SFB" out, "Shake It." Is there an album coming, Bella?

BELLA THORNE: Yes, definitely. I have so much music in the works. Because I'm new in this artistry, I don't want to go all the typical ways that people go in music. You're supposed to drop three singles and then drop an album--


BELLA THORNE: --this many videos and then do this. With an album, I constantly struggle because all my music is so fun and different. And I'm like, am I more of a singles girl? Do I just release like, 10 singles in one year? And you're just like, holy s*** b****, that was an album.

MONET X CHANGE: [LAUGHS] You know, I'm smelling a Monét and Bella crossover moment, a little R&B soul joint.

BELLA THORNE: Let's do that. That would be legendary.

MONET X CHANGE: Right? Your new movie, "Girl," is getting really dope reviews. People are really into it. What is next for the big screen, Bella?

BELLA THORNE: I'm really excited. I'm about to do another movie in the vein of "Girl." I decided to pretty much sign off of all the projects I was signed onto this year. I've been working my whole f****** life. It's time I get to do what I want creatively.

"Girl," people were really noticing, wow, Bella Thorne's a good-ass actress. That girl can actually act. And I'm like, thank you. So I know I just have to do more movies like this that I love and that are creatively for me.

MONET X CHANGE: How'd you go from Disney to now someone who has reclaimed their image and be like, this is who I am now?

BELLA THORNE: It was very, very hard, took a little good minute. And I think what people also really misunderstood was, oh, Bella Thorne is trying to shed her Disney image by, you know, being controversial, by being too sexy, by being th-- and I'm just like, you guys are such dumbasses.


BELLA THORNE: I remember the first time when I turned 18, and I was with my boyfriend, Gregg, at the time. And we had kissed in a Starbucks coffee shop, and someone got a photo of me doing it. And I-- like, my heart, the anxiety, the pumping.

I take her phone. I'm like, I'll take a photo with you. I just have to delete this photo. I'm so sorry. Like, if this gets out-- I remember looking at this photo, and I was like, have it.


BELLA THORNE: It's fine. I'm f****** 18. I can do whatever the f*** I want now.

MONET X CHANGE: Bella, you're dope. Everyone, please check out Bella's new music video, "Shake It." All right, thank you so much, my love.

BELLA THORNE: Very nice meeting you.

MONET X CHANGE: You too, you too.