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The best Amazon Prime Day deals 2021: Televisions, Apple products

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Yahoo Finance’s Dan Howley joins the Yahoo Finance Live panel with the latest on Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals.

Video Transcript


ZACK GUZMAN: Welcome back to Yahoo Finance Live. It is Amazon Prime Day today. A big kickoff here of the two-day event, including some good deals out there for shoppers. And Yahoo Finance's tech editor, Dan Howley, joins us now with a look at those, as well as the competition trying to ride the coattails here, as well. Some of their e-commerce foes, Dan.

DAN HOWLEY: That's right, Zack. There are huge deals going on on Amazon right now. Obviously, the big ones that I'm interested in, because I'm a dork, are the tech ones. And there are some deals that are really worth noting. We're talking about $1,000 off on some TVs, which is just absolutely wild. AirPods are at one of their lowest prices yet. The original AirPods with wireless chargers.

There's also deals on some Apple watches and other Apple products. Headphones, in general, are on sale. Some of them from Sony that are really great, and Bose. And if you're looking for any kind of gaming action, you should find some good deals there as well. And then, you know, obviously, there's the regular goods.

I saw earlier today, kitchen shears were on sale, because hey, why not. And a stand for your broom and dustpan. If that's something you're looking for and you need, go for it.

Prime Day is also a good day for those basic home needs. Things like, toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste. You're going to find sales on all of that as well. But I kind of like the more expensive fun stuff more than that.

There also though, huge amounts of competition from others that aren't Amazon, namely Walmart and Target. And they're offering similarly large deals to get people to go to their websites, or in the doors at their brick-and-mortar locations. And this has been something that we've seen cropping up a lot in recent years, the build up of the competition around Prime Day.

And obviously, they're not going to call it Prime Day. It's usually something like summer sales, or something along those lines. But it always happens to fall on Prime Day. Plenty of deals there on the same kinds of goods that you would expect to find deals on at Amazon, but definitely worth checking out if you don't feel like going to Amazon today.

AKIKO FUJITA: Yeah, I mean, Amazon still dictating the timeline of these sales, right? How successful have these rivals been in chipping away at the Prime Day events? If we've seen them sort of build out competing offers over the last few years. How big of a lift are they likely to get?

DAN HOWLEY: I mean, these have been some of the best days for them, as far as sales go, outside of, you know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They really are kind of benefiting from this boost. It's almost as if Amazon is assisting them to a degree, just because people are saying, wow, Prime Day is a big time for me to go out and buy something. Oh, wait. Walmart wants to sell me something too on the cheap, and so does Target, Best Buy.

You know, you're seeing all these different kind of retailers that want to join in and make sure that Amazon doesn't get all the glory. Now, Amazon does, because it is called Prime Day. And that's why you're going to see most people go to the site. But look, when you do go, you have to be really fast because so many people are on there just picking up the deals as they go. And there's only limited quantities that some of these sellers have on Amazon.

So, you may end up finding yourself trying to go to another site to grab a deal that may or may not be similar to what you would see on Amazon. But look, if you just jump on there at any given moment, you're going to find some good deals today. I've just been surfing around. I have no need to buy anything at all right now, but I'm still surfing just to see what might be available.

I'm pretty sure that's what most other people do. You see something, again, kitchen scissors. You know, you say, well, OK, $4 off. That's $8. Maybe I'll grab that, and that's how you end up with a cart worth $200 at the end of the day. But it is worth checking out, I think.