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Best games to pass the time during coronavirus lockdown

Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Brian Sozzi and Dan Howley discuss the top selling video games amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Video Transcript

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: With so many people stuck at home, no surprise to find that video game usage is going through the roof. But one of the things you just can't seem to find is that Nintendo Switch. Joining us now is our tech editor Dan Howley. Dan, what is taking so long, why the problem, and when might we expect to see the Switch back on store shelves?

DAN HOWLEY: Yeah, I think, really, what the issue is is that they've seen an explosion in demand. There was a game that came out called "Animal Crossings, New Horizons." It's a franchise that people really love.

And the Switch is a perfect device that you can just take with you, sit on the couch while your partner watches TV, or you can play it on the big TV. There's a ton of games in the Nintendo library. And I think a lot of people, who aren't necessarily mainstream gamers, who game regularly, look at Nintendo and say, I used to play that as a kid, I might as well get the newest version of their console and pick it up.

We're not going to see them probably until June again. They're in stock sparingly across different retailers, but if you can get one now, go get it. It's $299. We're seeing people price them up as far as $400 now on Amazon. Don't pay that. Wait until they're back in stock.

BRIAN SOZZI: Dan, I got to go out there and buy some new office equipment first and foremost. But on the video game front, what are some of the top selling games right now?

DAN HOWLEY: Yeah, there's a couple of games that I want to highlight that people-- you know, if you're getting into games, you want to just pass the time while you're sitting on your couch. There's a few that I want to highlight. One is called "Final Fantasy 7 Remake." It's a remake of the original "Final Fantasy 7" for the PlayStation. Hugely influential game-- Japanese role-playing game. That's out now.

There's also "Doom Eternal." I don't know if you remember the "Doom" games, the first-person shooters from way back when we used to have to load CDs or disks in to our computers. That's out now as well. Basically, just a big dumb heavy metal album of a video game. A lot of fun.

"Animal Crossing, New Horizons," that's another where you build up an island. That's for Nintendo's Switch. Amazingly cute game. Very relaxing. I think a lot of people will be into that. There's "Persona 5 Royal." My wife and I love "Persona 5," so we definitely got this again. It's 100 plus hours game. You play as a high school student going to class, going to work, and then you fight demons in the afternoon, so why not?

Then there's "Call of Duty, Warzone." This is a larger game where you drop in 150 people similar to "Fortnight." Totally free. You can download it on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. And then there's "Ori and the Will of the Wisps." This is a side scroller-- 2D side scroller. Very difficult but very rewarding, and you will cry when you beat this game.

And then if you don't like those, you can get Sony's PlayStation Now service. It's kind of an a la carte for games. You pay a monthly fee. And then there is Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass. Similar idea. Pay a monthly fee, get access to hundreds of games.

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: Spoken like a man who has played them all. Dan Howley, thanks a lot. Enjoy. Thanks for the tips.