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Beyonce, 2014's Most Powerful Celeb, Continues Speed Tour in Toronto


Beyoncé continues her 21-day speed tour with a performance in Toronto this evening, but that's not the only place she's headlining.Beyoncé holds the number one spot of Forbes's 100 most powerful celebrities. The 32-year old star unseated Oprah who fell to number 4 this year. Of the top five spots, three are women, with talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres slipping in at number 5. Beyoncé is known of course for her music, but her reign doesn't stop there. Queen B has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows including her own HBO documentary, "Beyoncé, Life is but a Dream." She has a line of fragrances as well as her own clothing line. She also endorses a number of companies including H&M and Pepsi. All this contributed to an income of $115 million for the star this past year whose net worth is an estimated $350 million. Her tour will culminate in September with a final performance in Paris.